We use local storage to save settings
You can change the direction of the text so that it starts from right to left or vice versa
Wrap text if text is longer than the size of the help code editor
Automatically add closing tag when you type in the closing bracket of the opening tag
After closing tag is inserted, the cursor is between the opening and closing tag
auto Close Brackets that will auto-close brackets and quotes when typed. By default, it'll auto-close ()[]{}''""
The line number will appear in the margin of the code editor
When activating code folding. Press ctrl-q or click on the gutter to fold a block, again to unfold.
Highlight appears for the selected paragraph
When this feature is enabled, all texts similar to the specified text are highlighted.
(For each line with errors and warnings) symbols will appear in the margin of the code editor with a description of the problem when placing the cursor on it.
Code content will appear as it does on web pages after the Code Editor box. (This feature applies to HTML files)
Unnecessary blank spaces are highlighted
When AutoComplete is enabled, you'll see an estimated list of what to write
This option applies to HTML files, and you can click Ctrl+Space to see suggestions in HTML files and other files.
Control the size of the code editor
Description in Windows in Mac
Search Ctrl-F Cmd-F
Search the following lines Ctrl-G Cmd-G
Search the previous lines Shift-Ctrl-G Shift-Cmd-G
Continuous search (search box does not close)
  • Search the following lines Enter
  • Search the previous lines Shift+Enter
Replace Shift-Ctrl-F Cmd-Option-F
Replace all Shift-Ctrl-R Shift-Cmd-Option-F
Move to line Alt-G